International Lash Competition in Horten, Norway 2019

Dear Lash Artists!

This 5-6/January, Hoa Beauty Lashes is proud to host the 2019 International Lash Competition in Horten, Norway.

-Our competition welcomes lash artists to participate at two differents levels:

🔛Master level: Artists with 0-2 years of experience

🔛Professional level: Includes artists with over 2 years of experience, lash trainers and educators, and winners of other lash competitions

-Important: Please scan and submit a copy of your classic and volume lash certificates. Any production of a false certificate with an intention to mislead is prohibited. Hoa Beauty Lashes will withdraw any awards received during our competition if we find any wrong-doing.

-We will host a competition for
Classic 1:1
volume 2D( 2:1)
Volume 3D( 3:1)
Volume 4+( 4,5,6,7..:1)

AClassic: one extension to one natural lash

Duration: 2 hours

Lash thickness: You are only allowed to use 0.10/0.12/0.15

-B. Volume 2D -3D: 2/3 lashes to One natural Lashes.

Dủration: 2.5Hours.

You are allowed to use : 0.085/0.07/0.06/0.05

-C Volume 4D+ : four lashes or more to one natural lashes.

You are allowed to use: 

Duration: 3 hours.

-Glue: You are judged based on the amount of glue used. You should not use too little or too much glue.

-Symmetry: Both eyes should look the same in length, design, curls, volume, brow,..etc.

-Eyelash design: More points are given to designs that enhance the model's eyes and style.

-Distance from the eyelid : 0.2-0.7mm for classic and 0.2-0.5 mm for volume.

-Presentation: Work should look refined and not messy.

-Length : Lash length should extend 0-4mm longer than the natural lashes.

-Coverage: Points are given to the amount of natural lashes used(80-90%)

-Perfect line: Points are given to the quality of the perfect line when model's eyes are open.

-Fans: All fans should look similar and fanned out with equal distance. Points will be taken off for uneven fans.

-Stickies: Points will be taken off if extensions are stuck together or stuck to multiple natural lashes.

-Inner and outer corners: all natural lashes in the corners should be fully used. They should not droop or be left unused.

📌 Master: 
1st place: Cup+ 700euro + gifts
2nd place: Cup + gifts 
3nd place: Cup + gifts

1st place :Cup + 700euro + gifts
2nd place :Cup + gifts
3rd place :Cup + gifts

-Date and Time: 5-6/janary 2019 at 9.00

Place: Horten, Norway

To register: Please send in your name, your level of experience, and the competition level you wish to compete to my email:

From another country: 150euro 
for applicants / percatagory
- From Norway: 1500kr

Registration Payment:

IBAN: NO 081503 89 27814