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Organizer by Hoa Beauty Lashes
March 20, 2020- December 15, 2020
Grand Prix 10,000usd
Volume 2-3D
Volume 4-5D
Mega volume
Lash lifting

✅ One entry is 100usd
✅ For who register before May 20, 2020, you only pay 80usd/ entry. Entry fee can be purchased first and photos can be submitted later (Submit all your work’s photo before 11:59pm/Vietnam time December 15, 2020)
✅ The last day to submit all your work’s photo is at 11:59pm December 15, 2020(Vietnam time)
✅ Judging time: December 16-19, 2020.
✅ Winners will be announced December 20, 2020

✅ Register here:

✅ Photo of your work:
🔹 Photo should be high resolution.
🔹️ Your can only allow to edit the skin of the model.
🔹️ Retouch eyelashes and eyes of the model are strictly prohibited.

✅ Photos before work: (total 4 photos)

1. Photo from behind of the model head when they lie down with their eyes close to see a condition of natural lashes and the entire of the face should be seen.

2. Photo with eyes open while model is sitting and looking straight ahead and the whole face.
3. Photo close up of each eye showing eyelash clearly without face
4. Photo model eyes are looking up with the whole face.

❎Photos after eyelashes extensions (total 7 photos)

1. Photos of eyes open while model is sitting and the whole face clearly.
2. Photo of eyes look up and the whole face.
3. Photo of left eye looks straight
4. Photo of right eye looks straight
5. Photo is taken from above head down while model eyes closed
6. Close-up photo eyelids
7. Close up photo first layer of eyelash, showing clearly glue and fan leg if it is a volume work.
8. (Only for lash lifting) Photo from the side to see the lifting angle.

✅ Level:
✔Master: experience less than 2 years
✔Expert: trainer/ experience over 2 years / or who won 1,2,3 prizes in previous competitions.

✅ Rules
– You can use 0.05-0.07 for volume and 0.10-0.15 for classic and lengths are suitable for model’s natural lashes.

– Overall 5pts: style, shape design are suitable for model face.
– Symmetry 10pts: both eyes are balanced
– Perfect line 10pts: smoothly transition between sizes.
– Inner corners 15pts: all natural eyelashes should be extended without any drooping lash.
– Outer corner 15pts: all natural eyelashes should be extended without any drooping lash.
– Direction 15pts: Lashes should not criss-cross each other, they should lay in the correct direction.
– Distance from eyelid 10pts: eyelash extensions need 0.2-0.7mm
– Clean work 5pts: The eyelids don’t have any makeup, marking pen or glue on eyelashes
– Glue 5pts: enough amount of glue and not stick on the skin.
– Fan 15pts: beautiful fan, spread out evenly
– Fan leg15pts: fan leg is small and evenly
✅ Lash Lift
– Direction 10pts: the direction of the eyelashes should be straight or lean to the ear. Must be the same on both eyes.
– Lifting angle 10pts: Smoothness of the Curl. Eyelashes should not curl to far back or over process lashes.
– Inner corner 15pts: all lashes should be curled and tint if necessary
– Outer corner 15pts: all lashes needs to be curled, not droopy or not enough tint.
– Overall 10pts: the harmony of the lashes curled should be suitable for model face.
– Symmetry 15pts: Borth eyes curled evenly.
– Cleanliness 5pts: eyelids and eyelashes are clean without glue or tint left on skin.

You will receive a code after you register and pay. You need to include your code when you submit your work’s photos online.
All submissions please sent to:


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